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  • Power Brunch Recap

    I kicked off the event with one goal in mind ‘I don’t want anyone in here to leave the same way they came in”.
    Assignment given and clearly understood honey because that is exactly what took place Sunday!
  • How Therapy Helps You Find Your Power!

    Since therapy (also known as counseling) is a rather misunderstood concept, the suggestion that you see a counselor can be scary. You may perceive getting therapy to mean that there's something wrong with you. This isn't the case! While it may not be for everyone, counseling can be beneficial to most people at challenging points in their lives. Although it's important to recognize that therapy is not a panacea, it makes a difference every day in thousands of lives across the world. If you find that you have uncomfortable feelings or "stuck" places in your life, you may very well benefit from this practice.