The POWER Behind Color Psychology

Color psychology is the study of how certain colors impact human behavior.

Different colors have different meanings, connotations, and psychological effects that vary across different cultures. Along with cultural differences, color psychology is largely impacted by personal preference.

As you know we use color psychology to invoke empowerment within you. Color psychology has been used for decades from marketing tactics in advertising to story telling in film. It has been proven that colors can have a huge impact on our moods!
How to use our Products for your mental wellness
Choose your product: Read the meaning of the shade/color and choose the one that either fits you in that moment or if you’re trying to encourage and motivate yourself.
Apply the product you’ve chosen
Read the definition again and speak out loud over yourself. Example I’am HOPE, I HAVE HOPE. I’AM OPTIMISTIC! Etc etc
During your day, you continue to speak and if need too, read the definition again. You will begin to see a shift in your mood, feel affirmed and Beautiful!

Teharah J. Smith 
Owner of Power By Teharah J