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Hi, it's me! Teharah J. Smith, actress, producer and entrepreneur, Mental health advocate/certified Mental Health first aider and owner and creator of Power by Teharah J.

However, before all of these titles, I am a woman who knows first hand what it feels like to feel powerless. You see, I experienced trauma at a young age, growing up with someone who suffered from mental illness forced me to grow up fast. I've been sexually assaulted, verbally abused and then there are the things that come with life. Which then created a struggle with anxiety and depression that eventually led me on a journey of healing and discovering the power that God has given me. Now, I do a lot, I've been on tv shows, films, walked red carpets you name it. Imagine trying to do the things you love, living your life when you are battling so much. Eventually it began to spill over to other areas of my life and I couldn't have that. It was time to fight.  My mental health became more important than anything and I vowed that I would continue to keep it first as I've seen first hand what it can do to someone if left untreated. I mean, if you broke your arm, you would go see an orthopedic doctor right? Therapy is simply that, just for the mind. 

One thing that has helped me outside of going to therapy and prayer, is my love for colors and yea you guessed it, lipstick! We all know that when we push ourselves to get “made up” it can change the way we feel at that moment. That's what lipstick has been for me! Did you know that colors have their own meaning, and when applied, looked upon or worn can impact your mood? I have taken my love for colors and merged them with lipstick and psychology to create a therapeutic experience. I want each and every woman that reads this, that purchases a lipstick that if no one has affirmed you, here I am with every shade letting you know, YOU ARE THE ISH GIRL!!!  If you're the woman who is on the journey of discovering your power, or if you're the woman that is realizing it's time to do so or if you're the woman that's on the other side of the journey. Wherever you are, I've been sent here to remind you that you have exactly what you need to be whatever you want. To live a life authentic, free and filled with love and happiness. Know you are enough, You are amazing and you have POWER! 

By purchasing lipstick, you are helping women who have taken the stand to fight for/find for their power but can not afford therapy as part of every purchase goes to a woman's bill and organization that specializes in mental health for Women of Color. 

Thank you for supporting my business but most importantly, thank you for choosing you!

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Teharah J. 

Teharah J. Smith