How Lipstick Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Mental Health

Hey POWERfuls!

Did you know that colors have meaning, and when looked upon or worn can legit change your mood, lift your spirits and empower you?

A few years ago I was going through major life changes; I must admit I was probably a lot more than depressed for a long periods of time – till I decided to make some changes.

I remember making a choice to fight and one of those ways outside of therapy was Lipstick. Something magical would happen when I put it on.

Believe it or not, wearing lipstick can go far beyond being just an “accessory as an complementing act” or makeup. It led me to research colors and thus began my love for color psychology and the affects the color of the lipstick and the act of applying it did for my mental health. 

Wearing lipstick lifts our spirits and unleashes our femininity in a positive way which is highly contagious and can be easily felt by people around us.

Ive taken the time to break down each color and given it an affirming name so when you wear them, you feel POWERful! Hence why they must be called POWER Shades- because honey, that's exactly what they do! 

Check out the color break down of each of our Power shade and Power Glosses HERE  and find the one that's most fitting to empower you!